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IFB Home Appliances is a division of IFB Industries Ltd which gives products and administrations across a scope of item classes. It has its assembling area in Kolkata, and Verna, India. The organization has a chain of 530 retail outlets called ‘IFB Point’. Initially the organization was known as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd, and began tasks in India in 1974 in a joint effort with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The organization right now offers products for Laundry, Kitchen Solution Products, Living and Industrial solutions alongside added substances and embellishments. It offers appliances like washing machines, washer dryer, laundry dryer, dishwasher, microwave oven, Chimney, Air Conditioners, chimneys and other cooking appliances.

IFB Home Appliances that put your prosperity first with highlights that guarantee wellbeing and cleanliness. Our broad information on Indian conditions empowers us to create advances that tackle hard water, voltage variances, difficult stains, oily dishes and undesirable cooking. Contemporary plan, trendy tech and extraordinary usefulness supplement your way of life. IFB’s scope of Microwave ovens accompanies a variety of highlights that assist you with satisfying culinary longing. From basic, simple to utilize capacities, to cutting edge cooking highlights, alternatives and menus; IFB Microwave Ovens give you all that you require to cook your suppers.

IFB Microwave Service Center in Hyderabad makes sure to cater to all your technical needs without you having to search all around for it. Here’s how we are different.

The best IFB Microwave over service center in Hyderabad.

When your oven breaks down and you’re worried about jow to cook your meals, no not worry. With our vast network of repair shops spread across hyderabad, IFB microwave repair services will always cater to your needs in every situation.

Our IFB Microwave Oven repair and service in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is booming as an energing IT hub and people here don’t have the time to wait for something as mundane as waiting for a microwave repair. Therefore, IFB Microwave Oven Service Center makes sure that you don’t have to wait for long hours just to get hold of your fixed microwave. We repair issues as quickly as possible and send it over to our customers at the earliest.

The most common technical problems of microwave ovens

Door switch error, faulty capacitor, faulty magnetron switch, are some of the most common problems faced by microwaves. These account for nearly 98% of all microwave problems. IFB Microwave Customer care ensures that these little issues are fixed as soon as possible so that the customers can get their appliance back quickly.

Some other common problems arising in different microwaves are given below:

Faulty Door switch

The switch of the microwave door is always in use. Due to the repeated usage, the switch is more vulnerable to being broken. A broken switch is always troublesome because it can affect the heating system and prevent the coils from working properly. As a result, even if you keep food in the microwave, it will not get warm. This is not a serious problem but can affect the functionality of your device. Thus, getting it checked from our IFB customer service is advisable.

Error of power failure

Power failure occurs when the circuit breaks down and the flow of power is hindered. As a result, the display will show a series of zeroes instead of the regular power display. This indicates that the oven needs to be reset. A power failure error can affect the timer of the oven and disrupt your cooking. The error can often be solved at home by resetting the timer and clearing previous settings. If it doesn’t work, then a technician can fix the issue quickly. IFB customer care can help you in a jiffy for fixing this issue.

Fault in the capacitor

Faulty capacitors are the worst enemies of a microwave oven. The most common signs of a faulty capacitor in a microwave are the buzzing sounds. These buzzing sounds denote that the capacitor is discharged or faulty. Contacting a technician in this case is a must because he will know how to safely change the capacitor without damaging the device. You should never try to change it yourself if you have no prior technical experience. After replacing the capacitor, the microwave will start working as usual.

Magnetron switch fault

The magnetron switch often breaks down in microwaves. The magnetron is the most crucial part of a microwave. So, if it breaks down, the oven will not start working at all. In such a case, a new magnetron has to be installed. This is an easy process for a technician so you must never hesitate to contact a technician for such matters. Always remember that the magnetron is the element responsible for generating heat in the oven. Without the magnetron, the oven plate will simply keep rotating without the food getting warm. As a result, you will be stuck with cold food even after several minutes. After replacing the magnetron, your device will start working like before. Always make sure to buy magnetron switches from licence holders only. Fake components can worsen the condition of your oven. IFB microwave service center in Hyderabad sells only registered and licensed parts of microwaves. So you can be assured that your oven will work smoothly as before.

The issue with the microwave could be big or small, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to it. Small issues escalate to larger ones when you don’t fix them at the right time. When you keep pushing away the repairing work, ultimately your oven will not be able to take the extra load and will break down. Thus, as soon as you find any problem with your microwave, make sure that you contact IFB microwave service center in Hyderabad for the quickest resolving of the issue.

Best features of IFB microwaves

IFB microwaves are built from the most durable and high tensile materials that can withstand any amount of usage. Most microwaves these days use teflon coatings for their equipment which can melt after a few years. However, the IFB microwaves have been designed using the best polycarbonate materials that can withstand heat and also remain durable for a long time.

Often households don’t get adequate power during the day. The variations in power usage can greatly affect the performance of the microwaves. Due to fluctuations in high power and low power, a microwave’s parts can be damaged. But the IFB microwave makes use of the finest electrical circuit that can adapt to the fluctuations and save the internal parts from getting damaged.

The wire connections of a microwave are an essential part of the maintenance because they determine how long the microwave is going to last. With the foolproof wiring system in IFB Microwave, you can be assured that your oven will not give you trouble for many years.

IFB microwave customer care, Hyderabad

Our branches in Hyderabad focus on providing the best experience for our customers. We make sure to give unparalleled service to you so that your needs are taken care of. Unlike the other repair centers, we never ask our customers to keep coming back if we don’t have their product ready. We always ensure that the appliances are in perfect working conditions before sending them off to you.

Why choose us

IFB Microwave repair services will guarantee you the best ever customer satisfaction in entire Hyderabad. There are numerous repair centers all across Hyderabad, and here’s why you should choose us:

Timely delivery

The entire concept of microwaves is to save time in cooking. So it almost defats a microwave’s purpose if you have to wait for days to get hold of it. Therefore, we at IFB make sure that we deliver the products to our customers at the destined time limit. We never delay from our side and always inform the customers the exact date and time of delivery. Thousands of happy customers will testify to our commitment towards timely delivery.

24/7 customer support

When dealing with a microwave, there are so many things that could go wrong. To have an expert by your side is a blessing in such cases. normally repair shops wouldn’t pick up your calls after you receive your product from them. But we’re different. We ensure that customers have our entire support even after we have delivered our product to them. IFB customer care is always ready to help our clients no matter which time of the day it is. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers is our biggest motto.

Service warranty

Mistakes happen all the time while repairing things. So, in those cases, a repair shop usually never takes up responsibility. However, we at IFB Repair center always extend service warranty to our clients. So, even if something goes wrong, they can be assured that we will help them out of it. With out group of skilled workers, we have never had the need to use service warranty in any case.

Experienced Professionals

Our Experienced Professionals of IFB are well trained in customer service. These professionals are equipped with all the tools to fix the most basic to complex problems of microwave. Our professionals will make sure you have an experience that is of the top quality

If you ever experience trouble with your microwave, feel free to call IFB Microwave repair customer care number at 0921627218. We always ensure that none of our customers ever have to wait for our services. With our timely delivery and dedicated workers, you can only expect the best from us.